Listening to your doctor diagnose a broken leg after a Maryland motorcycle accident can be confusing. Even the word “break” is not common medical terminology. “Fracture” is the preferred term. What types of fractures are there?

Open Versus Closed Fracture                  

When your doctor uses the term “open fracture,” he or she is referring to a break where you can actually see a portion of the bone sticking out through the skin. These types of breaks are much more prone to infection. A closed fracture is where the bone has not broken through the skin.

Simple Versus Compound Fracture

A simple fracture is exactly like it sounds: one simple break in the bone. A compound fracture refers to a bone that is broken in at least two places, possibly more. Your doctor may also use the term “comminuted” to refer to a bone that has fragmented into pieces.

Displaced Versus Non-Displaced Fracture

This refers to how the bone is positioned. A displaced bone is one that has broken completely and has been twisted or somehow pushed out of proper alignment. A non-displaced fracture is still in the correct position and may be only partially broken. In children, a non-displaced fracture may be referred to as a “greenstick” fracture if the bone is bent but not actually broken.

Doctors use many other terms to make a specific diagnosis. If you have any questions, your doctor or nurse will usually be more than willing to explain the terms to you. You may also contact the registered nurse at Nickelsporn & Lundin.

You should know that even a simple break might require costly medical care. To see if you are eligible for compensation for injuries you received in a Maryland motorcycle accident, call our experienced Rockville accident lawyers today at 800-875-9700.

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