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Here are two of the biggest mistakes people make when they have a personal injury or car crash case.

Mistake #1: Continuing With Social Media Posting
Postings on Facebook, Instagram or other social media activity can become ammunition for car insurers to leverage against you in settlement negotiations, or worse, in the courtroom. Clients frequently post photos of themselves doing activities that can easily be misconstrued by an adjuster or jury as representations of your condition.

For instance, if you have a serious shoulder injury and you tell the doctor you can’t carry groceries, don’t post a photo of you holding a child in your arms. While you might be gritting through the pain to smile for the photo, that’s not what the adjuster sees or what the jury sees.

Even innocent posts about your activities can, down the road, lead to very uncomfortable moments for you while testifying in court.  Save yourself the grief and restrict your social media usage until your case has been settled.

Mistake #2: Waiting Too Long to Settle
Patience is important to be sure you’re at maximum medical improvement and so that you receive full compensation for your injuries.  There is, however, a time limit for settling your claim, called the Statute of Limitations.  If that limit expires, then you can't recover any money compensation.  
Although certain legal circumstances can extend that limit, don’t put yourself in a compromised situation where you’re rushing to settle or risk being too late - it’ creates unnecessary stress.
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