Thousands of truck-trailers travel on the Beltway each day. Unfortunately, as a result, truck and trailer accidents are extremely high—and deadly.

Loose trailers are one of the scariest and deadliest road dangers in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Fatality Analysis Reporting System, trailer crashes account for nine percent of all traffic collisions in the U.S. Although this may not seem that high, the scary part comes into play when you realize that over 55 percent of those collisions are fatal. Therefore, even though your odds of getting into an accident with a trailer may be small, if you do collide with one, you have less than a one in two chance of survival.

Brutal and Horrific Injuries Sustained by Trailer Accident Victims

Due to the excessive amount of weight (upwards of 80,000 pounds), high speeds (60+ mph), and the unpredictable maneuverability of semi-trailers, when and if they become loose or unhitched, they essentially become large, heavy projectiles to whatever traffic is surrounding it. As such, these projectiles cause severe damage to cars, and even worse damage to the fragile passengers within those cars. Common injuries include:

  • Bumps, bruises, broken bones, and fractures. The force of a collision can cause many impact injuries.
  • Internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. The impact force can tear or break blood vessels and tissue.
  • Crushing injuries. When the trailer smashes into the front of a car and crushes the passengers inside, the result is often a crushing injury.
  • Impaling. When a trailer collides into a car and causes the car’s frame to break, sheer, and split into razor sharp pieces, those pieces can be forced into passengers.
  • Decapitation. When a trailer hits a car head-on with enough force, it can continue straight through the engine and car front, continuing into passengers. The engine could also prevent the trailer from forcing its way straight through—elevating it above the hood and straight toward the victims head, neck, and chest.

The improper use of trailers and accidental detachments are not only an inconvenience for the driver, but a potentially horrific death risk for you, your family, and other unsuspecting motorists as well. This is why you can’t allow a trucker to get away with his mistake—you must fight back!

Putting the Pieces Back Together After a Tragedy

If you’ve been seriously injured, or a loved one has been wrongfully killed by a loose-trailer accident, let us help you get the justice and retribution you deserve for your pain, agony, and loss. Contact us today for a free consultation and review of your case. Our clients are our family—and we fight for our family. Take the first step to getting the compensation and peace of mind that you need to begin putting your life back together. Call now!

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