You have a brand new motorcycle and the license to go with it. Now it’s time to think about headgear. A decent helmet can easily cost you $200, but the extra money is well worthwhile should you ever find yourself relying on your helmet to save your life in a serious crash.

Before you grab the first helmet on the shelf, keep in mind these factors when choosing the helmet that’s right for you:

Meets Safety Standards

Not all helmets are created equal. Half helmets don’t cover the face, for example, and some helmets may be made of better materials than others. Only use a helmet that has a tag signifying that it is approved by the Department of Transportation.

A DOT-approved helmet has:

  • An outer shell made of hard material
  • An inner, shock-absorbing layer
  • A second inner liner designed to provide extra comfort
  • Chin straps or some other way of ensuring the helmet will stay on in a Maryland motorcycle crash

Fits Your Head

Before you hop on the back of a friend’s bike using a borrowed helmet, you should know that helmets come in different sizes, and with good reason. A helmet that doesn’t adequately fit your head shape and size won’t protect you from serious head injury. A properly fitted helmet will feel snug and will not wobble on your head.

Is Unused

Don’t just buy any cheap helmet off Craigslist. A used helmet may very well have been in a Maryland motorcycle crash once before. Even if the helmet is undented from a previous crash, its integrity may be compromised. With that being said, if you absolutely cannot afford a new helmet, a used helmet is still better than nothing.

Wearing any helmet is not the same as wearing the right helmet. Not all helmets will protect you equally. Make sure you have a properly fitted, DOT-approved, new helmet that can protect you in the case of a serious motorcycle accident in Maryland.

For more information on helmet laws or Maryland motorcycle accidents, contact the experienced Rockville accident lawyers of Nickelsporn and Lundin at 800-875-9700.

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