The outcome of most trucking accidents is similar—serious property damage and injuries, especially for those in smaller vehicles due to the truck’s size and weight. However, just because people in smaller cars are usually more seriously injured than truck drivers, it doesn’t mean that truck drivers are always at fault. This is why it is critical for victims of truck accidents to know how to establish liability.

Because trucking companies are quick to point the finger and turn the tables on victims of truck accidents—in order to limit their liability and save money—it is important that victims know how to prove negligence. This is why it is crucial that victims immediately go to work on their truck accident cases. Two important building blocks in a strong case include:

  1. Accident investigation. Because most truck accident victims are seriously injured, they typically hire law firms to investigate the accident scene, crash details, and police reports as well as the truck’s electronic control module and the trucker’s logbooks. With this information, an attorney will know how fast a truck driver was traveling, how much time he spent on the road prior to the wreck, and other relevant information that could strengthen your case. If needed, an accident reconstruction expert can be hired to help establish negligence.
  2. Preserving evidence. It is important to request the truck’s data recorder and truck driver’s logbooks quickly after a crash—before the information gets destroyed or lost. Lawyers who handle truck accident cases know how to get this information and how to preserve it to show liability.

There are several other things lawyers can do in trucking accident cases to establish negligence and help you get the compensation you deserve. To speak with a trusted attorney about your case, call (301) 942-9118 for a free consultation today.

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