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A trained eye can easily spot a drunk driver. Drifting or frequently switching lanes without signaling, speeding or driving under the speed limit, failing to stop at an intersection or driving without lights at night are all common signs of drunk drivers. 

If you find yourself closer than you’d like to someone exhibiting the signs of a Maryland drunk driver, follow these tips to avoiding a Frederick auto accident: 

  • When following a drunk driver – Slow down. Get yourself as far away as possible from the drunk driver. You may also want to be extra alert for any accidents caused by the same drunk driver further ahead.
  • When driving next to a drunk driver – Switch lanes. Drunk drivers have a tendency to swerve suddenly, so when possible, move over so that you are not in an adjacent lane. If that’s not an option, slow down to give them extra room.
  • When a drunk driver is following you – Pull over. If you’re on the highway, take the next exit or off ramp to get away from the driver. On a residential road, take your first turn and go around the block.
  • At an intersection – Don’t assume they see the traffic light or stop sign. Wait for them to either stop or go through the intersection.
  • Call the cops! – Once you are safely away from the danger, call the police to report the driver. While you are now safe from a Maryland drunk driving accident, others may not be until the driver is apprehended.

If you have been injured in a Maryland auto accident with a drunk driver, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Contact a Frederick drunk driving accident lawyer today. 

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