Traveling by bus is a popular and economical way to travel to a different town and visit friends and loved ones in the summer. Many people board tour busses headed to Maryland and D.C. in order to explore the nation’s capital. While taking a bus trip might sound like a nice way to travel to take in all the sights and not be distracted while driving, you aren’t completely safe on a bus.

Commercial busses have been known to crash due to driver negligence and poor bus maintenance. If the bus you were riding in crashed, there could be several reasons such as driver distraction, driver fatigue, speeding, or bad tires, to name a few. Although you probably won’t know the exact cause of the bus accident in the immediate aftermath of the wreck, it is very likely the fault of the bus company. However, a bus company representative will do everything to distract you from wanting to find out about the cause of the crash.

What Can Happen At the Accident Scene

When a bus accident occurs, a bus company representative is typically sent to the scene of the crash within minutes. The representative will be very courteous and will act like he or she is doing you a favor by offering you a free night in a hotel and a seat on another bus or a paid trip home. If you are hurt at all, the representative might set up a doctor’s appointment that is paid for. While you might be appreciative that the motor coach company is paying for everything after the crash, it is important that you are aware that these “free” offers often have strings attached. For example, the representative might ask you to sign a document without explaining that you are waiving your rights to a jury trial.

Because the representative has a job to do—which is to save the company money and limit its liability—the representative might get you to sign a document while you are distracted or dealing with your injuries. You may not realize until it’s too late that you signed a document mandating mediation and waiving your right to pursue an injury claim in trial.

This is why we advise anyone who has been involved in a traffic accident to not sign paperwork after a crash until consulting with an attorney or knowing the extent of your injuries. If you would like to speak with us in a free consultation to learn more about your rights and how to pursue an injury claim following a bus crash, call us today at (301) 942-9118.

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