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Top ten tips for recovering from a broken leg

   1. Get around: Whether you’re on crutches on in a wheelchair, it’s important to make your living space easy to maneuver. Widen entry ways, buy or build ramps and remove rugs and other items that could get caught or cause you to slip. Wearing no-slip socks will also decrease the likelihood of a fall. And if you have to use stairs, take your time!
  2. Be heard: Purchase a set of walkie-talkies for you and your caretaker. This way you have easy access to help from across the house. Make sure you have spare batteries on hand!

   3. Eat right: Your bones are healing and need more calcium and Vitamin D to get strong than they usually do to stay strong. Your gender, age, level of health and fitness and diet all affect the amount of calcium you need. Children, pregnant women and elderly people are most in need, but you should talk with your doctor about specific amounts. As a general rule though, eat foods that fortify your bones -- like green veggies, fish, dairy products and oranges. Stop eating foods that strip calcium from your bones. Foods that are high in salt, fat or that contain caffeine or alcohol all degenerate bones instead of building them up.

   4. Drink right: Drink lots of water. Always important, but especially so when you body is trying to heal. Avoid caffiene and alcohol.

   5. Dress smart: Loose-fitting pants are great for around the house. For doctor’s visit,s or anytime you want to quickly show off your leg without having to completely remove anything, consider tear-away pants. Also, your body will have trouble regulating its temperature, so wear layers, keep a hat handy and extra socks just in case. Layers are important because your body’s temperature will be going up and down so you want to be able to adjust accordingly.

   6. Sleep well: Sleep, like your diet, is hugely important when your body is recovering. Since sleeping can be difficult because of the pain and discomfort of a broken leg, think outside the box. Either support your leg with a body pillow that will keep it from moving side to side or consider sleeping in a recliner. Remember to elevate and keep ice packs handy to keep the swelling down. Ambien is helpful when you really need a sound sleep, but try to use it sparingly.

   7. Stay clean: Keeping a lawn chair next to the bathtub and another one facing the opposite direction in the tub can help with shower transfers. Just rotate from your wheelchair (try placing a towel on the seat so after your shower the chair stays dry) into the first chair and then swivel around again into the chair in the shower.

   8. Stay regular: Pain killers are notorious for causing constipation. Make sure you eat lots of fiber, fruits and yogurt and try natural remedies like laxative teas.

   9.  Push yourself: Don’t be afraid to work hard and push your comfort zone, but do obey your doctor. Give yourself time, but don’t be lazy. It will take time for your body to heal so don’t be hard on yourself. It’s normal to be more irritable than usual because your body is putting extra energy toward getting better.

  10. Take help: Especially at the beginning, people will offer rides places and to doctor’s appointments. Don’t be afraid to accept help.

Whatever your injuries are, Nickelsporn & Lundin can help. Our first step is always getting you in touch with medical experts in your area and our first priority is getting you better. Insurance companies might want to wrap up a case too quickly -- we'll make sure you are back at 100% (or as close as possible) before even discussing settlement with them.

Our staff includes a nurse consultant who is a licensed Registered Nurse and an attorney in good standing in the state of Maryland. We will evaluate your medical needs and help advise and guide you in your recovery to full health after your crash. Contact us today for a free consulation about your accident and injuries.
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