Most of the time, driver error or impairment is the cause of fatal and non-fatal car crashes alike. However, all too often, vehicle defects cause injuries and even death for drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, it appears that vehicle defects are getting worse. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2014 was one of the worst years on record for vehicle safety as many automobile manufacturers had to repair faulty equipment in their vehicles.

Shockingly, there were approximately 64 million vehicles recalled last year in 803 separate actions. Of those recalls, 123 were initiated by NHTSA while the rest were voluntary. The recalls involved almost all of the leading auto makers, including General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, and BMW. The following 2014 recalls were two of the biggest recalls in history:

  • General Motors. GM recalled 5.88 million vehicles for a possible faulty ignition switch linked to 57 deaths in the U.S.
  • Honda. 5.39 million Hondas were recalled for a possible defect in their Takata airbags. Takata airbags in Honda vehicles were linked to five deaths.NHTSA’s recall site if you are unsure of the safety of your car.

Although many people were able to get their defects repaired before suffering any injuries, others weren’t so fortunate. Whatever the vehicle defect, people suffered needless injuries because car makers cut corners and failed to prioritize vehicle safety.

Even though most of the vehicle recalls were voluntary, many of the defects endangered the lives of drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, NHTSA expects 2015 to be another year in which we also see a large amount of vehicle recalls. As the owner of a car you count on to keep your family safe, it is vital that you keep abreast of recalls and repairs issued by the government or the manufacturer. Visit NHTSA’s recall site if you are unsure of the safety of your car.

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