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Rush hour traffic gets its name for good reason. Many drivers become aggravated with congestion and rush to get to work or school on time.

It's a recipe for disaster. Rush hour traffic accidents are common for drivers of all ages, but newly licensed teen drivers are at an even higher risk for getting into - and being injured in - a Maryland auto accident.

The reason is quite simple: They are new drivers and still learning how to navigate the roads and traffic. Young drivers may lack the experience needed to react quickly to avoid a Rockville accident.

With school now in session, more teen drivers are on the road during rush hour.

Factors that can increase their risk of getting into a Maryland auto accident include:
  • Speeding
  • Driving with other teens in the car
  • Distractions such as cell phones
  • Not paying attention to other traffic

Rather than spend your time worrying every time your teen gets behind the driver's wheel, follow these simple tips to help keep your teen safe in the case of a Rockville accident.
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