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Personal injury and family law attorney licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia

Nothing threatens your rights in litigation as much as when the other party or their witnesses lie in court.
Exposing liars is critical to winning.
So what’s the best way to detect and expose liars in court?  Exclude all witnesses from the courtroom so they cannot hear the testimony of other witnesses.  Then subject the other party’s witnesses to cross-examination.  
Excluding witnesses is called sequestration.

As noted by Judge Paul V. Niemeyer, sequestering witnesses “is (next to cross-examination) one of the greatest engines that the skill of man has ever invented for the detection of liars in a court of justice."
The rules of evidence of most jurisdictions required the judge to exclude witnesses (subject to a few exceptions) upon the request of either party..  This should be done before opening statements and before any testimony is presented.
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