“Truck driver wanted. Experience required.”

There’s a good reason why truck drivers must be trained before they are allowed to work on the job. Driving a big rig requires a whole new set of driving skills.

When an inexperienced truck driver is allowed to start driving before training is complete, the results can be disastrous. Here are some potential signs that the truck driver near you may still be learning how to operate a big vehicle and is in danger of causing a Silver Spring truck accident:

  • The driver doesn’t begin braking until just before reaching a traffic signal.
  • The driver makes frequent lane changes in heavy traffic.
  • The driver tailgates other vehicles.
  • The driver attempts to make tight turns with a big vehicle.
  • The driver frequently has to back up and redo a particular maneuver.
  • The driver is on a road limited to small vehicles.

In short, an inexperienced truck driver is one who attempts to drive a truck the same way as he or she drives a car. This is a dangerous tactic that can result in a serious truck accident.

A driver who doesn’t have the correct training may be driving illegally. When you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the truck driver must provide you with proof of his training. This may include training certificates and a commercial driver’s license.

If you’ve been the victim of a truck crash in Silver Spring, you might be eligible for compensation. Our experienced Silver Spring truck accident lawyers can help you determine your next step.

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