“Speed. I am speed.”

So states the main character in the popular children’s movie Cars. Unfortunately, too many adults take on the same attitude, speeding along public highways and side streets as if they too were in a race. This action often ends with devastating results.

When another person’s race on the road leaves you with big injuries and high medical bills, you may want to pursue a lawsuit. How do you start? How can you prove that the person who caused your Maryland car crash was speeding? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Witness reports. This includes you, although your report may be seen as slightly more biased than a bystander or another driver on the road. Drivers may not be able to pinpoint someone going slightly over the speed limit, but it’s pretty easy to spot a car that is going visibly faster than all the others.
  • Auto damage. Significant damage to your vehicle is often the sign of a high-speed crash. In a highway accident, this may not be so helpful, but it’s definitely a telltale sign of speeding if you were on a street with a low speed limit and still sustained significant damage to your vehicle.
  • Accident reconstruction. Accident investigators are skilled at piecing together all the evidence and determining what factors contributed to the cause of the crash. They are experienced enough to recognize signs of speeding that most of us might miss. If the accident reconstruction team suggests speed was a factor, that is evidence you may use in your lawsuit against the other driver.

A skilled Maryland auto accident lawyer can help you get the evidence to prove that the other driver’s speed was a contributing factor in the crash that left you injured. To set up a free consultation appointment, call Nickelsporn & Lundin at 800-875-9700.

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