If you own a motorcycle, chances are you have had some close calls with cars in nearby lanes. Unfortunately, drivers of other cars often don’t look out for motorcycles or they are too distracted behind the wheel to notice motorcycles in the next lane. Additionally, motorcycles are small and can get lost in vehicles’ blind spots. As a result, many motorcyclists have suddenly had cars veer into their lanes.

When a car changes lanes into a motorcycle, the result can be a traumatic motorcycle crash that causes very serious and often deadly injuries. For this reason, it is essential that all motorcycle operators know how to handle this type of situation in order to avoid a motorcycle accident and stay up on two wheels.

Here are some tips for when a car changes lanes into you:

  1. Make sure you are not hanging out in a driver’s blind spot. Motorcycles are small and can easily get lost in a vehicle’s blind spots, which is why it is important to spend as little time in blind spots as possible.
  2. Look for signs that a driver may be changing lanes. Most of the time there are signs to help you predict driver behavior such as turn signals, turned wheels, and a driver’s heads moving and looking in the direction of your lane.
  3. Be aware of traffic changes. When one lane is moving slower than another, drivers will likely want to change lanes into the lane that is moving faster.

By making sure you are aware of these types of traffic situations and the cars around you at any given time, you can increase your chances of staying up on two wheels. However, even the safest motorcycle operator can still get blindsided by a negligent driver.

If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash due to the recklessness of another driver, you need to talk with an injury lawyer about your legal rights. For a free consultation, please call our law firm at (301) 942-9118.

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