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Statistics indicate that Social Security denies nearly 70% of all initial applications for disability benefits. 

But just because the examiner didn’t agree that the applicant is disabled doesn’t mean that a person isn’t qualified to receive benefits.  Rather, it's because the evidence in the initial application wasn’t sufficient for the examiner to rule that the person is “disabled,” as defined in the law. 

After an initial denial, it makes sense to get an attorney to get involved and help with the Reconsideration Request.  At Nickelsporn & Lundin, P.C., we have lawyers, paralegals and a Nurse Consultant to track down and organize all the important medical records that the Social Security Administration needs to reconsider a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. 

If you or someone you know is applying for Social Security Disability benefits, call for a FREE, no-obligation legal consultation about your claim.

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