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Personal injury and family law attorney licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia

“How much am I going to get?” is a good question that we get asked all the time in auto accident and personal injury cases.


And the answer is:  a personal injury case is worth what the judge or jury says it’s worth.


In deciding what a case is worth, a judge or jury must render an “itemized verdict” that sets out each category of money they’re awarding.


Here’s what the law in Maryland requires the jury to itemize:


(1)  Past medical expenses;


(2)  Future medical expenses;


(3)  Past loss of earnings;


(4)  Future loss of earnings;


(5)  Noneconomic damages; and


(6)  Other damages


Non-economic damages are: “pain, suffering, inconvenience, physical impairment, disfigurement, loss of consortium, or other non-pecuniary injury.”  These can be both past and future.


In order to properly assess what your case is worth, we consider all 6 categories.  And this is true for out-of-court settlements and litigated cases, because if the case doesn't settle, a judge or jury will decide your compensation by adding up those same 6 categories after hearing all the evidence.


Not surprisingly, we spend a great deal of time and effort to ensure we have evidence of your damages in items 1 to 6 in a legally admissible form.


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