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Unlike some other kinds of cases, there is no up-front fee or retainer in a Social Security Disability case. 


Instead, the attorney fee is a contingency fee, which means you only pay the fee if your claim for benefits is approved.


The attorney fee is regulated by Federal law.  If the claim is approved, then the attorney fee will be 25% of all past-due benefits awarded or $6,000, whichever is less.


The attorney fee only applies to past-due benefits awarded, not future Social Security Disability payments. 


In addition to the fee, there are also costs, regardless of whether the claim is approved or denied.  You’re entitled to an itemized statement listing each cost incurred.  Costs include charges by doctors for copies of medical records, charges by doctors for writing medical opinion letters or completing forms, and postage and photocopying costs.


If you or someone you know was denied Social Security Disability benefits, call for a FREE consultation.  Nearly 70% of all claims are denied the first time.  We may be able to reverse the denial and get you the disability benefits you deserve.


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