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Because Maryland auto accidents happen in a matter of seconds, it can be difficult to determine what exactly caused the crash.

You may believe you were partly at fault, but it's important not to guess at the cause of the accident or admit guilt. Such statements can be used against you in the future, and your perspective of the accident is likely not the complete story. You may be truly unsure about what happened, regardless of your initial impressions.

You may not be aware of additional factors that were involved in the cause of the crash, such as:
  • Intoxication of the other driver
  • Temporary distraction of the other driver (This can range from illegal use of a cell phone to blinding sunshine in their eyes).
  • Tailgating, speeding or reckless driving by the other driver
  • A faulty traffic light (for example, both sides were green for those key seconds)
  • A defective piece of equipment in one of the vehicles
  • Debris on the road

Any number of factors can contribute to the crash; so before you admit fault for an accident in which you were injured, consider talking to an experienced Frederick personal injury lawyer. They can investigate the crash and give an expert's opinion on exactly what happened and who was at fault.

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