You know very little about the truck driver who hit you. In fact, all you really know is what he (or she) has told you. Can this person be trusted? Is this his first accident, or has she caused trouble while behind the wheel before? If only there were some way to find out more about this person’s history as a truck driver.

You’re in luck. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, and employers like to keep tabs on their drivers. Companies frequently share information regarding past and current drivers. Each driver has what is known as a DAC report. This report, compiled by HireRight, is similar to a background check and contains information such as:

  • Where the driver has worked in the past
  • What type of vehicles or loads he or she has carried
  • Any previous Maryland truck accidents or “incidents” in which the driver has been involved (whether or not it was the driver’s fault)
  • If the driver has ever been fired from a particular job
  • Any criminal or moving violations on the driving record
  • Any other information that might discredit this person from continued work as a truck driver

Of course, getting your hands on this valuable report may not be easy. Keep in mind too that the driver may dispute derogatory information on the report. You might need the help of a skilled Maryland truck accident lawyer to help you gain access to a copy of the driver’s report and prove that the information relevant to your accident is accurate.

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