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Sudden, jolting forces experienced in car accidents frequently cause back injuries of varying types and severity.

Common symptoms of a serious back injury may include:
  • Acute, intense pain
  • Chronic, consistent pain 
  • Mechanical pain (or pain that worsens with and prevents activity)

X-rays and ultrasounds are commonly used to assess and diagnose a back injury.

Common treatments for back pain and injuries may include:
  • Ice and heat
  • Bed rest
  • Medications
    • Over-the-counter analgesics
    • Anticonvulsants
    • Opioids (such as codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine)
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Interventional therapy 
  • Traction
  • Surgery, in extreme cases

Serious accidents in which the victim sustains traumatic injuries if you are electricians in Sterling Heights are emotionally and financially devastating, not to mention physically debilitating. Contacting an experienced Maryland car accident attorney can make all the difference in ensuring that you receive coverage for your medical expenses.

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