As any sports aficionado knows, a good defense can be the best offense. The analogy is true for motorcyclists too. These eight tips may help you avoid a serious Maryland motorcycle accident:

1. Don a Helmet

It’s the law, and with good reason. Maryland ranks fifth in the number of lives saved in serious motorcycle crashes where a helmet was used.

2. Wear Proper Clothing

As tempting as it may be to ride in a t-shirt and shorts, such clothing offers no protection in case of a Frederick motorcycle crash. Jeans and leather offer protection from road rash, and brightly colored clothing helps other drivers see you better.

3. Watch the Road

Debris on the roads is especially common in the spring. Keep an eye out for nasty potholes, sandy spots, and more that could hinder your ability to properly turn or brake. 

4. Look Ahead

As you’re riding, scout out the several hundred feet in front of you for any dangers up ahead. This will give you the extra time you need to avoid a potential Maryland motorcycle crash.

5. Stay Out of Blind Spots

Since other drivers are not likely looking for you, look for them. Give yourself plenty of room, and steer clear of other vehicle’s blind spots.

6. Look for an “Out”

The best defensive drivers always leave themselves a way out, should a vehicle next to them suddenly do something unexpected or lose control.

7. Advertise Yourself

Since other drivers cause three-fourths of motorcycle accidents in Maryland, do your part to raise awareness and let other drivers know that motorcyclists are back on the roads after a long winter.

8. Call a Lawyer

If you’ve been the victim of a serious motorcycle accident, you may be dealing with significant injury. Call an experienced Maryland motorcycle crash attorney at 800-875-9700 for help getting compensation for your medical expenses.

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