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With the start of a new year, we are wishing all our clients health and prosperity in 2019!


Here are some guidelines for creating positive energy in the new year. 


  • Don't dwell on the negatives.  Don’t give something negative energy!
  • Don't speak of your problems, diseases, illnesses or worries.  The more you dwell or speak of these things, the more energy you give them and the more they persist.
  • Love and accept yourself.  Your current self.  Set goals in areas you’d like to see change and focus on what you’re good at – you’ll make huge gains in those areas.
  • Let go of the past.  Avoid vain regret.  You can’t undo anything. 
  • Don’t give away your power or happiness.  When you criticize, judge or blame others, you give these people the power to control your mood and state of mind.
  • Don't say yes when you mean no.  You can respect your priorities and say no.  Use Sarah Knight’s “Not Sorry” method for saying no.  It consists of honesty and politeness.  Then there’s no reason to feel sorry for saying no.  (You can check out her TedTalk here for more detail. Caution:  it contains graphic language). 
  • Laugh and Smile!  Surround yourself with people and things that make you laugh.
  • Be grateful.  Appreciate not only the good things, but also the struggles and frustrations as they can also enrich you.
  • Don’t worry.  You can’t control the future.  Think about solutions.  Be solution-oriented, not problem-oriented.
  • Work it off.  Get some physical exercise.  This will enhance your mental faculties, self-appreciation and emotional well-being.
  • Be present where present.  Put aside distractions and focus on the person, task or activity immediately in front of you. 


You can even apply these principles in traffic!  Create positive energy and avoid accidents while driving!


Dedicated to protecting and advancing your rights,


Rick Lundin

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