Affair. It’s an ugly word. It speaks of lost love, deceit, and pain. It points to a dying relationship, a marriage on the verge of divorce.

If you find yourself in this painful position, you may be wondering, “What went wrong?” You may doubt that there’s any hope for your marriage, and you may be filled with despair.

Before you assume the worst, you should know that not every extramarital affair is a death sentence to the marriage. It will not be easy, but if you want to save your marriage, there may still be a chance. Whether or not your marriage can survive following a devastating affair depends on the answer to three difficult questions:

1. Do you love your spouse?

Love covers over a multitude of wrongs. Love isn’t necessarily blind to these faults, but it is willing to forgive and move on. Choosing to love and forgive a spouse who has cheated on you won’t be easy. It will be a daily struggle, but making that choice could save your marriage.

2. Are you willing to work on the marriage? 

If your spouse had an affair, be it a one-night stand or a longstanding relationship, repairing the damage done will take time and hard work. Are you willing to do your part? You will need to work together to rebuild lost trust and heal those wounds. You may want to seek counseling to determine what led to the affair and how to grow your marriage in those areas that have unmet needs.

3. Is your spouse willing to cooperate? 

Reconciling a marriage takes two. If your spouse is completely unwilling to work on the marriage, you may have no choice but to file for divorce.

Before you take drastic action, make sure you speak to an experienced Maryland family lawyer who can educate you on your rights and options. For more information, fill out our online form or call Nickelsporn & Lundin directly at 800-875-9700.

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