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It's not so secret that insurance companies would prefer to hold onto their money rather than give it to someone else. For that reason, insurance agents don't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to those injured in a Rockville car accident.

How can you tell whether a particular insurance agent is just doing his job, or if he's pushing the limit? When interacting with him or her, ask yourself these three questions:

Is he pushing for a recorded statement?

If so, he's trying to corner you into doing something that he has no right to demand. While you should answer questions from the police and your own insurance agent, you may legally decline a comment to the other driver's insurance company. In fact, it's often best if you don't talk to this agent, as he may take your comments out of context.

Is he blaming you for the accident or injury?

This is one common trick insurance agents use to lower your settlement. If the agent can provide any reason that the accident may have been your fault, or if he can show any proof that you did not take care of your injury properly, he can use that information to reduce your compensation.

Is he pushing for a quick settlement?

Don't mistake this for a kind gesture to get you money quickly. It's more likely that he wants you to accept the settlement before you determine whether or not it's adequate. Especially when it comes to serious injuries, it's best to wait until you know the full cost of your medical expenses. Don't let anyone push you into accepting a settlement before you know it's enough.

For more help, read our library article on what you can do after an accident, or call an experienced Rockville accident attorney today. You deserve to have someone on your side!

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