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One of the most important things you can do to avoid the loss of your vehicle and personal injury is:  don't drive distracted.


Texting while driving is a number one distraction that can have devastating consequences. 


In the news recently was the case of a regular guy who is now facing prison time for manslaughter, aggravated assault and endangerment because he was texting and driving, veered out of his lane and struck and killed a police officer who was conducting a routine traffic stop on the side of side of the road.  This guy’s decision to text has caused permanent damage to others, as well as subjecting himself to prison and a criminal record.


In addition to texting, here are other things police cite as “distracted driving behavior:”


  • Talking on Hands Free Device
  • Talking on Hand Held Device
  • Passenger (talking, looking at or interacting with a passenger, including children)
  • Other Electronic Device (navigation, radio, DVD player)
  • Manually operating an Electronic Device (texting, typing, dialing, etc.)
  • Other Inside the Vehicle:  eating, drinking, reading, applying makeup, shaving, pet
  • Outside the Vehicle:  crash in another lane, billboards, automated highway signs, etc.

By consciously avoiding these distractions, you substantially decrease the risk of an accident, the total loss of your vehicle and serious injury to your person.


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