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Nickelsporn & Lundin, P.C.

Our clients’ testimonials speak louder than our own words

We provide our clients with personal attention and experienced representation. Hear what our former clients have to say about our law firm. We stand as an advocate for those who have been injured in Maryland semi-truck crashes and automobile accidents throughout the state, including Landover, Oxon Hill, and Suitland.

"Hi. Thank you for being professional. I liked very much how you treated me. Yanira and Jenny were very professional in what they do."

Jeremias S., Riverdale, Maryland

"You all are there when someone needs help with their injures ASAP."

Andre W., Capitol Heights, MD

Having to go through a trying divorce followed by a car accident, I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of Mr. Richard S. Lundin's services.  I found him and his team to be very knowledgeable on both family law matters and a real expert in auto and personal injury.  Unlike other lawyers I have dealt with in the in the past, Mr. Lundin always responded very promptly to messages.  He always acted as a true friend to the family.  I would recommend your services wholeheartedly.


Latrice S., Laurel, MD

Very professional.  Thank you for making us feel that we come first.

Reyna A.

Your service I found very professional and personable. You gave me answers and let me know you were on my side. And you explained the law to me so I would understand in the future.


Nickelsporn & Lundin have represented our family for over twenty years. These guys are good. They are our lawyers. I would recommend Nickelsporn & Lundin to anyone.


Joyce G.

They took care of all my medical bills. I didn't have any worries. These guys are very good lawyers.

Cheryle H.

After the auto accident, I knew we needed a good lawyer. I had some serious injuries, which forced me to take some time off work. I couldn't pay my bills. Basically, what Nickelsporn & Lundin did for us was to get us money. There's no way we could have done it on our own. I'm convinced they made a big difference for me. Nickelsporn & Lundin are very, very good.

Ron M.

Nickelsporn & Lundin made sure I saw the right kind of doctor, and they got me a great settlement. I was very happy.

Ebenezer A.

I think Nickelsporn & Lundin is a great law firm. They took care of me. All I had to do was concentrate on getting better. Their staff is just outstanding. I am absolutely convinced that Nickelsporn & Lundin made a big difference in my settlement.

Rene W.

After my automobile accident, I knew I needed a good lawyer. So I called Nickelsporn & Lundin. I was injured and I needed assistance. They treated me like family. Extremely informative. They make you feel comfortable and take care or your every need. You don't have to do anything. They're about helping you.

Derick W.

I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, and the people at Nickelsporn & Lundin really made sure I got what I was entitled to. After the motorcycle accident, I don't think I would have done well at all without the help of Nickelsporn & Lundin. They made sure I had the right type of medical care that I needed and that I wasn't short-changed by the insurance company. I think they are superior.

Andre D.

Nickelsporn & Lundin is a great law firm. They made sure I was not short-changed by the insurance company. They took care of everything, and I was very pleased with my settlement. I could never have settled that case as well if I hadn't used law offices of Nickelsporn & Lundin.


Don B.

These guys are very professional. I am very happy with the way Nickelsporn & Lundin handled my case.

Wei C.

I was hurt badly in an accident, and my medical bills were enormous. Nickelsporn & Lundin are total professionals. They got me compensation for my lost wages and got me the settlement I deserved. I never could have done as well without Nickelsporn & Lundin, and they only get paid if I get paid. For me, Nickelsporn & Lundin was an excellent choice. Don't settle for less.

Billy M.

I was badly hurt. I don't trust the insurance companies at all. That's why I called Nickelsporn & Lundin. I didn't have to do anything. They did all the work for me and looked out for me. I didn't have to pay anything up front. Nickelsporn & Lundin made a big difference in my settlement. They made sure I wasn't short changed by the insurance company. I couldn't have done it alone.

Wilma M.

After my car accident, I knew I needed a good lawyer. Nickelsporn & Lundin got my medical bills paid and they got me a great settlement. I am so glad I called them. I could never have done as well as I did without Nickelsporn & Lundin, and it didn't cost me a cent up front.

Sharon B.

Initially, I was worried about the high cost of an attorney, but after contacting Nickelsporn & Lundin I found out it didn't cost me a dime up front. Their fees were taken out of the settlement. Nickelsporn & Lundin represented me, and I got the cash settlement I felt I deserved. They got me money for my pain and suffering. I am so glad I contacted Nickelsporn & Lundin. They got me the money I deserved.


Eddie S.

After my auto accident, I knew I needed a good lawyer. So, I hired the firm of Nickelsporn & Lundin. I didn't have to any money up front, and they took the fee out of the settlement. I didn't have to spend any money, and they were very judicious about the time I had to spend in their office. Nickelsporn & Lundin were very flexible with the hours, so I didn't have to miss work as well, just to have to meet them.

They made sure all my bills were covered, and I didn't end up in debt for an auto accident that wasn't my fault. The settlement was more that I ever thought. All I thought is probably by the time the fees came out and the bills were paid, I'd break even. I was shocked to get as much as I did without even having to spend a day in court. It was great.

I'm convinced Nickelsporn & Lundin made a huge difference in my case.

Maria R.

I couldn't work. I couldn't get my medical bills paid. But Nickelsporn & Lundin took care of everything. These guys are very good lawyers, and they treated me like family. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have on my side. You can't go up against the insurance company alone and expect to win. That's why I called Nickelsporn & Lundin.

Valerie C.

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