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Did a Recent Recall Contribute to Your Motorcycle Accident?

Many people believe that motorcycle accidents are caused by reckless bikers and are surprised when they learn that most motorcycle crashes are actually caused by other drivers or defects in manufacturing and design. When manufacturers cut corners, use poor materials, or are negligent in the development of their products, parts on motorcycles can fail and cause motorcyclists to wreck.

When manufacturers find out they have a problem with a motorcycle, they decide to recall certain motorcycles to fix the problem. Unfortunately, by the time they issue a recall, it usually is already too late for some people who have experienced a part failure or problem with their bike that caused them to crash and suffer injuries.

For example, major motorcycle manufacturers including Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, and Yamaha have all issued recalls in the recent years. Some of these recalls have involved brakes, wheels, and other safety features that can put motorcyclists at risk.  Here are some of the most recent motorcycle recalls:

  • Yamaha. Certain 2014 YZF-R6 motorcycles were recalled due to an issue with front and rear wheel hardness.
  • Polaris. Certain 2015 Victory motorcycles were recalled due to an issue with the powertrain. The motorcycles affected had a problem shifting gears and could unexpectedly change gears or drop out of gear.
  • Honda. Certain Gold Wing motorcycles were recalled for issues with the secondary master cylinder on its brakes. In addition, certain 2014 Honda CTX700 motorcycles were recalled for a potential problem with the Anti-Lock Brake System.
  • Harley-Davidson. Certain 2014 Touring models were recalled for problems with the front brake line possibly getting pinched between the frame and fuel tank. Additionally, some Touring bikes were recalled for problems with the hydraulic clutch system that resulted in a “Do Not Ride” notice.
  • Kawasaki. Certain 2013 Ninja motorcycles were recalled due to an issue with the Anti-Lock Brake System.

Motorcyclists need to know they can depend on their bikes, but, unfortunately, motorcycles or parts on motorcycles can fail and cause them to crash. When defects in manufacturing occur, manufacturers need to be held liable for those motorcycle crashes and injuries.

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