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Can I still get compensation for my injuries if I didn’t see a doctor until weeks after my Maryland car accident?


Yes! Whenever you’ve been injured in a Maryland auto accident, you deserve compensation for injuries you suffered, regardless of whether you knew about the injury at the scene of the crash or discovered it weeks or even months later. In general, a person has three years following the date of injury (in your case, the date of the accident) to file a personal injury lawsuit in Maryland. Of course, exceptions to this rule exist, too.

We always recommend that those involved in Maryland car accidents follow up with their regular doctor, even if they don’t feel any pain at the time of the accident. This is because it’s common for many car accident injuries to go unnoticed immediately after a crash, thanks to a rush of adrenaline. However, we know well that not everyone follows through. After all, if you feel fine, why bother the doctor?

With that being said, just because you didn’t notify the proper authorities of an injury (that you may not have even known existed) until months later doesn’t mean you are disqualified from getting compensation. You still have every right to demand compensation for any and all injuries resulting from the crash. Don’t hesitate to talk to a lawyer if you’ve discovered any injuries months after you were involved in a Maryland car accident. 

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